The global network provides great opportunities in exchange quality information for origination and assisting in business transactions both at sell and buy sides. Deal Flow is A.Life network-based, information exchange maintenance for the leaders involved in managing, processing and supervising investment, business transaction deals for starting projects and early-growth, scaling-up or established businesses.

Deal Flow network’s participants:

  • Owners, co-/founders, partners of Institutional Investors
  • Top, Board, C-Level positions in Institutional Investors
  • CEOs, CFOs, CIOs for large businesses
  • Investment, M&A Directors / Managers
  • Large Private Investors / Business Angels
  • Investment community leaders and high-scale business / investment advisors

Please send your request or proposal to include into Deal Flow to; recommended form:

Fields Description
Country, place Country, region, city
Nature of business / mature project Short description of business
Projected / demanded investment sum (ticket size, price) Preferrably, in USD
Transaction side Sell, Buy
Investment format Full direct sale, shares in capital, convertible notes, security tokensale, SAFE, other formats
Financials, business performance Earnings, EBITDA, projected or factual ROI, net assets, debt size, other financials or business figures
Contact Name Name Surname
Contact Email Email
Onter contact details Telephone, Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.
Role Owner, owner representative, company’s manager, primary advisor, authorized (mandated) mediator, others

Deal Flow is integrated in A.Life Web 3.0 Growth Ecosystem via DEAL token on Everscale.