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A.Life. WebGrowth

WebGrowth is an international Web3 blockchain based project of A.Life stand-alone ecosystem, developing and supporting different forms of peer-to-peer and group interaction between the community’s business and social partakers.

Core crypto asset of A.Life Web 3.0 Ecosystem is AAA on Everscale.

Special tokens subsystems integrated with (connected to) A.Life Web 3.0 Ecosystem (AAA):

System Mission, description Financials Trade
CUBE Developing decentralized incubator for ventures, projects and openweb organisations View Trade
DEAL Growing exchange of information, origination and interaction in business deals and transactions View Trade
DXN Amplifying Directors eXchange Network View Trade

The crypto assets are presented at DEX (decentraliazed exchange) FlatQube and open for exchange (swap), market making and digital asset farming.


Pair LP Asset Exchange Explorer Farming
CUBE/AAA 0:442a…c17b View/Join 0:3e4c…cb95 Farm CUBE
DEAL/AAA 0:ebea…1c69 View/Join 0:5289…b826
DXN/AAA 0:ebe6…a5b96 View/Join 0:53fcb…3c4d7
AIM/AAA 0:df6f…7eb2 View/Join 0:4ec6…a890 Farm AAA
WBTC/AAA 0:8d43…2d22 View/Join 0:d1e7…8181
WEVER/AAA 0:2a20…81a9 View/Join 0:8778…07b7