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Charity, organizations and projects

A.Life. Благотворительность, организации и проекты

This chapter of A.Life lists organizations and projects (initiatives) related to charity, mentioned in publications or added at the request of their official representatives, heros of the site.

Organisations, projects Activity, sphere, area Person
Radio “Vera” (Faith) Radio station, tells modern city habitants about the Orthodox faith. Roman Torgashin
Generation+ (Ukraine) Charitable foundation, organization, support for teenagers at the stage of transition to adulthood. Yulia Zhirova
Charitable foundation “Dobry Gorod Petersburg” (Kind City Peterburg) Development of social capital, support for social initiatives that improve the quality of life of older people, development of family, children’s, corporate charity. Elina Cuesta
Fund “Peterburg of Dostoevsky” Fund for support and development named after F.M. Dostoevsky. Andrey Yakunin
Charity foundation “DownsideUp” Charitable organization for improving the quality of life of people with Down syndrome. Yulia Evdokimova
Fund “Change One Life” Charitable foundation aimed at helping every child have a family. Ekaterina Dyachenko
LizaAlert Public association engaged in the search for missing people. Anna Agulina
Fund “Sun Town” Children Charitable Foundation, Novosibirsk. Marina Aksyonova
Shelter “Timoshka” Shelter, ambulance for downed, injured street cats and dogs. Dmitry Korobeykin
Yuri Rozum’s International Charitable Foundation Conducting cultural programs and events of social significance, helping gifted children. Yulia Evdokimova
Foundation “Children’s Guardians” Fund for helping children and adolescents in orphanages. Elina Cuesta
Walk the Dog Help shelters for homeless animals. Dmitry Mikhailov

Send information about your leadership involvement in charitable projects/organizations: info@a8.life.

  • Founders, co-founders and initiators of an organization (project, fund), members of supervisory boards, boards of trustees, boards of trustees, current and past members;
  • Members of executive bodies, commissions, committees as part of a charitable project/organization (foundation);
  • Active participants in charitable projects, organizations.