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A.Life: История, достижения

2022.12.01 – A.Life transformed into the international ecosystem.

2022.02.15 – A.Life Web3 Ecosystem development project started. [web3]

2021.08.01Deal Flow investment network project stated. [dealflow]

2021.02.26 – The number of publications on a8.life reached 600. The project’s focus has become entirely international.

2020.01.15 – According to December 2019 results, the site is the largest in the world in its special section.

2019.08.25 – The number of publications on a8.life reached 500.

2019.04.19 – A.Life acted as the official partner of 30th Anniversary of AIESEC Russia, more than 550 participants. [30a]

2019.01.15 – The number of publications on a8.life reached 450.

2018.10.21 – A.Life acted as the official information partner of AA Congress, more than 200 participants. [aaforum2018]

2018.08.04 – The number of publications on a8.life reached 400, more than 160 heroes, BOOX chapter (books) is opened.

2018.03.25 – The number of publications on a8.life reached more than 350, other site chapters have been developed, including those on business and charity.

2018.01.21 – The number of publications on a8.life has exceeded 300; the only Facebook coverage exceeded 125 thousand people, and more 350 thousand impressions, site entered the top-3 in its special section.

2018.01.01 – It is open “Communities, associations” chapter. [comm]

2017.12.18 – More than 30 companies and projects are listed into the business register, a number of pulbications exceeded 250, the site A.Life entered top-5 in its special section. [biz]

2017.11.24The seminar A.Meet “Style” is held. [stylo]

2017.11.14 – The number of publications on A.Life site exceeded 200; coverage (number of unique users) on Facebook channel exceeded 95 people, 210 thousand impressions for a half year.

2017.10.22AA Forum took place, where A.Life acted as an official partner – initiative actions, information and general support, post-information, etc. [aaforum2017]

2017.10.07 – The number of impressions of A.Life publications on Facebook exceeded 150 thousands, on all platforms – 230 thousands.

2017.09.13 – A.Life acted as an organizer of A.Meet “Cryptocurrenices”. [bitpot]

2017.08.25 – A.Life Instagram account is launched, it’s completed formation of an omnichannel model for A.Life, during the first 100 days of A.Life participated in organizing and supporting 7 meet-ups and events (organization, assistance, partnership).

2017.05.20Web site of A.Life is opened. [evo]

2017.05.14 – First information channel under name “A.Life” is opened at Facebook (http://fb.com/a.li8e).

2017.05.05 – In the beginning of May 2017 the initiators of A.Life discussed the new format. [start]