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Translation support

Translation support

i. Text on the site

To translate text on the original site (http://a8.life), please use the Google Translate menu, selecting the required language (please note, that the best quality is achieved when translating into English). For desctop view of the site the Google Translate menu is located at the top-right of any page on the site. For viewing on a smartphone, this menu is located below, under a note or a row of icons.

If you do not see “English” option in the drop-down list, select any other language, and then “English” will appear in the list.

ii. Youtube

1. Embeded translation (English), custom subtitles.
Some videos may already have an embedded English translation. To see this, go to the video settings (bottom right, “gear” sign), and select “English” in “Subtitles”. Some videos have custom subtitles, which are specially prepared and have, as a rule, enhanced translation quality to provide better automatic translation into other languages.

2. Auto-translation.
Clarification. Youtube auto-generates subtitles from voices of speakers participating in the videos. Youtube also allows you to assign auto-translation of these subtitles into any other language (the highest quality is achieved when translating into English). So the combination of these two features allows you to translate the voice from the video.

Application. To apply this method, go to the video settings (bottom right, “gear” sign). First, select “Language (auto-generated)”. Then select “Auto-translate” and select the required language. The video screen will display the subtitles in the target language. This method now is available for desctop viewing.

iii. Posts (notes) in the social media

If you found an A.Life‘s post/note at pages (channels, groups, chats) in any social networks, please follow the link to A.Life website and use the translation methods suggested above. In social networks, the text of A.Life is shortened, introductory. The main (full) text and media content of A.Life are on the original site, and all A.Life videos are available on Youtube’s channel.

iv. Use of English as a resulting language

Please keep in mind that you can try to use any language as the output (translation result), but, according to our observations, when using Google/Youtube services, the best quality is achieved when translating into English.

v. Off-screen translation with Yandex

Yandex has introduced high-quality off-screen translation into Russian from other languages. In order to use this function, you need to download Yandex Browser, enter A.Life Youtube channel and the video you want to watch with translation. The translation will be provided with link on the top of the video. The translation implementation will take some time to load depending on the length of the video; for exapmple, for 1-hour video the preparation will take 4-5 minutes.

Contacts: https://a8.life/contact/