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AAA Facebook

AAA Facebook

1. Identity vision and access criteria

1.1. AIESEC Alumni Association (AAA), the largest, prime and elite, self-determined, decentralized and global-wide, AIESEC lifelong connection environ (association) for business-focused alumni and trusted affiliated associates leading in innovations, sharing knowledge, resources and ideas for entrepreneurship value growth, investing and progressive economic and social impact.

1.2. Membership criteria for participation in the group:

  1. AIESEC alum, former AIESECer who have been to any AIESEC committee of any country for over 1 year.
  2. Former AIESEC trainee (intern or program’s social volunteer) who had active and mutually respectful interaction with AIESEC.
  3. Former AIESEC traineeship (internship) candidate who actively and positively collaborated with AIESEC for over 1 year.
  4. Current AIESECer who has already been with AIESEC for over 1 year.
  5. Other active associate to AIESEC Alumni Association, participated in conferences, congresses of any countries many times, so on.
  6. Former and existing AIESEC partner/contrubutor who had actively and positively collaborated with AIESEC for over 1 year.
  7. Anyone who might not strictly meet (though partially meets) the criteria for participation in AIESEC, but was previously admitted to the group and for a long time, actively and positively participated in the community (congresses, conferences, etc.).

1.3. We use the word “alumni” in its original meaning (former attendant or involved participant of any form), not equal synonymous with “graduate” (not used at all). Anyone who has already spent a fair amount of time with AIESEC or/and the alumni community, bringing value with their participation and positive interaction, can be called “AIESEC Alumni”.

2. General rules and statements

2.1. Nature, Content of the Group, General Statements

  1. AIESEC Alumni Association (AAA) is presented as a Facebook group for posting unique, meaningful, high-level, directly related to group members, announcements and requests (and corresponding discussions) exclusively on business topics, namely the following areas:
    • business development, business processes and requests, corporate demands, including demands for profit-driven social entreprenuership,
    • early growth companies, junior projects, real entrepreneurship, start-up development, innovation companies,
    • business partner and project team search,
    • career (business vacancies, economical, management (stewardship) vacancies, high-level vacancies, vacancies for heads of departments),
    • finance and capital investments and assets,
    • events in business, finance and management area,
    • other occasions (e.g. regarding health, sports, travel), aimed at attracting businessmen and specialists in the field of economics and management (requests, proposal for participants).
  2. The communication and official language of the group is English. Members can use the button «See translation» under prevoius posts or comments to translate into language of their profile (knowledge).
  3. All admitted participants (except current AIESECers) of the group are named “AIESEC Alumni”. All group members have equal rights and participation opportunities.
  4. The group’s information place is alloted solely to business interaction topics (commercial entrepreneurship, senior/corporate management, economics, so on); requests for any other matters, along with political ones, including those for the most urgent circumstances, are barred. Please post them on personal and other group/pages/channels where possible.

2.2. Maintain Correct Attitude to Using the Group

  1. Before making a post/comment, always ask yourself if it is informative, useful, constructive and respectful to others, and if it is really related to business topics (investments, entrepreneurship, stewardship (i.e. business, enterprise management), economics, commerce, career, etc.).
  2. The group is not an appropriate tool for solving very specific personal and local requests. Please do correct handling to the audience: multi-cities, and -countries, business-specific and business-to-business-oriented, significant matters, so on. If the post is geographically linked, information about the place (country; city) must be indicated; time must be presented in international format (UTC).
  3. Sectarianism, sectionalism, bigotry, use of any social group’s criticism power against any participant is prohibited in the group. Any evident use, inside or outside the group, of any social group’s power as a bullying or attack on the group’s any member may result in the exclusion of the organizer or accomplice of this attack from the group. Content from organisations blocking A.Life posts in their groups/channels (publicated under general rules) is not admittable.
  4. We also don’t allow posts/comments with meaningless content, as well as identical/similar posts/comments that are made several times. This can be very boring to others.

2.3. No Hate Speech, Bullying, Insults and Affronts

  1. Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying, trolling of any kind isn’t allowed. Degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
  2. Insults, affronts, take-downs are not allowed. You’ll be banned or your publication will be deleted from the group if you make attacks, offensive or accusing comment against moderator/admin, any alum, group of alumni, their country or social group.

2.4. Respect Personality and Everyone’s Privacy

  1. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.
  2. Please make a personal requests correctly. Appeals to a specific group member, his/her affiliate(s) with aggressive criticism, challenge, blaming, belittling of achievements and merits, humiliation, unpleasant sarcasm or comparison are not allowed.
  3. All opinions will be treated with mutual respect, unless they violate the group’s rules. Treat your fellow Facebook group members with that same respect.

2.5. No Blame, Toxic Discussions or Starting Conflicts

  1. Blaming anyone in the group, inciting, provoking and allusion conflicts on the topic of “governing” national alumni groups (chats, etc.), state politics, confrontations, criticism of moderation or other toxic discussions are prohibited in this group.
  2. Please avoid criticism leading to conflicts that upset the group’s positive and trustful atmosphere. Every day we are subject to a truckload of critics. Having critics is good; we will not intervene because of substantive criticism that is constructive and respectful. However, we will not allow critics that, in our opinion, are meant to damage the community or it’s platforms (channels) and/or to distort the atmosphere. These should be pursued offline through direct communication with the admins/moderators.

2.6. Please No Links to Other Private Facebook and Other Social Network Groups

  1. We do a titanic, everyday work to unite alumni and are interested in maintaining the community’s constancy. All links to other private Facebook and other social networks’ private (closed, requiring additional registrations or entering to members’ lists to see the content) groups, chats, channels may be deleted without notification.
  2. Posts/comments that are directly or indirectly aimed, including by part of their text, at dragging (inviting) the audience to other (non-individual) channels and groups of any social networks are prohibited. Aggreessive, repetative, systematical adviertising of individual/personal pages (channels) also may be banned.

2.7. No Collection of Money or Marketing Polls

  1. Fund-begging is not allowed. Any fundraising, even for charitable purposes, without pre-approval by admins, is prohibited.
  2. It’s also prohibited to use (without pre-approval by admins) the group’s strength to collect private/personal/contact data through marketing, social, advertising or (pre)sale surveys. Please use private messages via Members chapter.

2.8. Maintain Informational Hygiene

  1. No naked links or silent posting external content. Any link placement must be accompanied by a text message targeted at the audience of the group, include an appeal and a description of how this content relates to the group members, what is its benefit to the members.
  2. Inactual or non-working links to de deleted. Please note that all posts with inactive or inactual content links are deleted upon detection. Please ask admins for information if you find your post has vanished. Public whining and violent complaints are not acceptable.
  3. No foul language. There will be no cursing, filthy language in this group – ever. It also includes any statement that the group admin deems inappropriate in nature.
  4. Incorrect language. We don’t allow comments that contain degraded language, too many mistakes in grammar and spelling. Please re-read your comment before posting to make sure your message doesn’t contain any major errors. The (frequent) use of caps locks can make you a screamer, which also may result in a ban or block.

2.9. No Spamming or Advertising of Products (Services)

  1. We don’t allow posts/comments that mainly promote the sale of particular products (commodities, services) of organizations that have no partnership designed to promote the community in agreed and equivalent way. Be aware that regular, systemic posting information/discussions on the same business and its products (services) needs to be justified to the admins, or it will be considered advertsing spam.
  2. Advertising of external events and partnerships (even fee-free) should include additional bonuses (benefits, discounts) specifically for group members (significantly exceeding the general benefits or discounts offered on other spaces). Events in areas or containing signs of pseudopsychology, esotericism, spiritual, energy practices, other non-specific content should include evident business-focused value and significant bonuses targeted directly at group’s audience. And they are not allowed without the group administrator’s consent.
  3. Events or products containing any signs of infomanipulation (infogipsy practices) are prohibited.
  4. Using the group’s space via simple copying of advertising texts, posted in other (open, common) places, is prohibited.
  5. We recommend each participant conducting a self-evaluation of his/her activity in the group and not allowing pure consumer attitude towards the group’s strength without an equal beneficial return, developing the group.
  6. In a period of frequent or systematic violations by individual members, administrators can enable moderation (approval) of posting in a group.

2.10. Rules about events, job searchs and vacancies

  1. It is forbidden (without the consent of the group administrators) to collect funds, guests, group members’ data by organizing registrations on third-party sites, including event aggregators’ sites.
  2. One event – one post (thread) in the group. It is prohibited to make multiple posts in relation to one announced event. It is recommended to add key information (update) about the event to an existing post (thread), and distribute general information inside the event’s card that is opened for this event inside the group.
  3. Job search (including individual work, freelance) requests are only accepted from the group’s active members (their own, personal job searchs). Vacancies are posted only with information directly related to the job opportunity. Vacancies must correspond to the group’s main topic (business, economics, etc.), meet the requirements specified in clause 2.1.1.

2.11. Responsible Use of Attention
Respect the group’s other members’ time. Please avoid personal commenting (concerning only two or a very limited number of participants) in the public space. If someone mentions you by name please respond directly to that person on the same post. If the comment is inflammatory please report it to the group admin.