Vardaan Vasisht, Managing Director of Beyond Hook Ventures (US, California), Co-Founder of HookLogic, angel investor and entrepreneur, talks on way to grow in investment and business world.

Vardaan Vasisht is a technology entrepreneur and an early mover in the digital/online advertising space. Vardaan was the founding member at Beyond Interactive, which was acquired by WPP. He was also the co-founder at HookLogic, which was acquired by Criteo (CRTO) for $250 mn. Vardaan also served on board-of-advisors at DoubleClick (now part of Google) and is a frequent speaker at multiple industry conferences and events.

As the Chief Innovation Officer of HookLogic, Vardaan was responsible for enabling and catalyzing innovation at HookLogic through the establishment, management, integration and evolution of innovation processes, tools and programs.

Focused externally and internally to leverage best practices and learnings, incorporating new ideas andassimilating with proven innovation processes, Vardaan provides formal and informal leadership at HookLogic for managing the continuous changes in the ecommerce and media landscape.

In order to achieve the key goal of driving business growth through innovation, Vardaan incubates new ideas, approaches and models through identifying and executing on emerging opportunities and partnerships. Emerging opportunities include finding solutions that HookLogic can leverage to enhance its proprietary technology platform and services. Partnerships include working closely with various channel, service and technology providers to deliver meaningful joint offerings to HookLogic clients.

Prior to joining HookLogic, Vardaan served as Vice President of Technology and Director of Data Solutions at Beyond Interactive. Over eight years at Beyond Interactive Vardaan played an instrumental role in growing the company’s technology division globally. His primary responsibilities included developing, training, and managing a global team of technology experts and integrating capabilities with other WPP companies. He successfully productized several new technologies and established a profitable data solutions practice unique to the online advertising industry.

Vardaan has designed and deployed scalable technology solutions for clients such as Cendant, Oracle, Nokia, RBS, Volkswagen, Warner Brothers and Procter&Gamble. Earlier in his career, Vardaan worked with Accenture, American Express Bank and Bharti Telecom (a leading telecommunications company in India). Vardaan also served on the advisory board of DoubleClick and the Interactive Advertising Bureau and speaks frequently at industry conferences and events.

Vardaan earned his Master in Business Development at IILM, India. Vardaan is an avid traveler and enjoys spotting latest cultural and technology trends around the world.