Директор фонда “Солнечный город” Марина Аксёнова на TEDxNovosibirsk рассказала про то, что изменить можно всё. Это история про то, как “Я не могу ничего изменить” превращается в “Слушайте, ну, а почему бы тогда не изменить закон?”

“They say experience is the best weapon. But Marina knows for sure, a dollar is the best weapon in the fight for the welfare of orphans. Only one dollar per month donated by caring people, every one of you.

Do not think that one dollar is inconsiderable donation. Better take a look at Ilya, an young ward of Marina. Small donations from helpful people returned to him an amputated leg and may soon return a hand. Now what do you think about the power of one dollar?”