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Directors eXchange Network (DXN)

A.Life: Directors eXchange Network (DXN)

Directors eXchange Network (DXN) is an international network for exchange on requests and proposals for the following opportunities (positions):

  • independent, professional directors on (supervisory) boards of directors in commercial organizations, start-ups or business projects [Directorship],
  • mentors of start-ups, business projects, medium or small businesses, social businesses [ Mentorship],
  • business advisors, advisers to owners or top managers of large organizations [Advisory],
  • directors on boards (committees) of trustees of charitable or socially oriented non-profit organizations [Charity].

To participate in DXN as a

  • candidate (candidate request, CR) or
  • provider of a given position (opportunity) (presenting opportunity, PO),
  • exchange organizer (exchange node, XN),

please send your proposal, request to info@a8.life.

Directors eXchange Network is integrated in A.Life Web 3.0 Growth Ecosystem via DXN token on Everscale.