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ABA Telegram

ABA Telegram

1. Core and themes

1.1. AIESEC Business Alumni – Telegram group for posting unique, meaningful, high-level, directly related to group members (AA), announcements and requests without discussions – on business, namely the following areas:

  1. business development, business processes, business requests, inquiries for corporate needs, including the needs of social business,
  2. early growth companies, junior projects, real entrepreneurship, the formation of start-ups, innovative companies,
  3. search for business partners and project teams,
  4. career (business vacancies, economic, management vacancies, high-level vacancies, vacancies for heads of divisions),
  5. investments, financial investments and assets, raising finances (security offerings and placements),
  6. events in business, finance, economics and management areas,
  7. other events (for example, of health, sports, travel topics) aimed at attracting businessmen and specialists in economics and management areas (inquiries, proposals for participants).

1.2. The function of placement/posting an announcement is available to all group members, but moderation of the group’s “wall” is underway to maintain the format.
1.3. The language of posts (announcements, requests) is only English. Please use copy-paste action and online translation services to get texts into a language you know.

2. Aim

2.1. This format is a “wall”, a “board” of requests/announcements (connected directly with a member of the group). It is useful for enhancing personal communication between AAs, interpersonal communication (tete-a-tete), increasing interest in this business communication.
2.2. In addition, this format is aimed at business interaction and provides better navigation in announcements that will not get lost among trash, minor, non-thoughtful, and bypass messages, flooding the “wall”.
2.3. The format assumes that an announcement/request explicitly states that it is related to business, corporate or economic needs.
2.4. Contacts, join requests: info@aiesec.life, @ALifePost. When sending a request, please indicate your full name, personal account, years, mobile phone associated with Telegram, other identification data, if necessary.

3. Features

3.1. In order to place an announcement please send it to the above contacts.
3.2. For all announcements – answers, additional questions, requests, suggestions – only in private messaging. To send a personal message to a user, you need to click on his/her name and then, then – in the profile that opens, click the personal message/chat button. If for some request you are interested in responses the participant has collected, please write to him/her in private chat.
3.3. In the text of an announcement, its essence should be stated, without voluminous introductory phrases and messages not related to the specific announcement. Extensive advertising that is not related to a specific announcment, as well as links to additional resources, are not allowed in the post text.
3.4. Re-posting of announcements is possible only in a week and with removal of a similar previous announcement.
3.5. Only announcements and inquiries related directly to the group’s members, their business needs are posted; repost requests and announcements of third parties are not supported.
3.6. Job search requests are only accepted from group members. Jobs are posted only with information directly related to the vacancy. Vacancies must correspond to the group’s topic, meet the requirements specified in clause 1.1.
3.7. As part of the format, moderators can periodically post A.Life notes on the group’s wall, as well as significant, strategic news from large companies, where AA are the key, major shareholders (mostly, on request from them). This rule is aimed at maintaining and developing business ties between community partakers.

4. Rules, limitations

4.1. It’s prohibited to make announcements with links to closed groups/events/channels of social networks (sites) that require entry/registration in this group/event/channel or even registration in the social network (on the site) to get access to the text of the announcement. It is recommended to first make an announcement (text) with an open link (for example, via telegra.ph) with a description, to whom to contact specifically (contacts, links to profiles) in order to get, to be added/invited to a closed group (event). Links to open content (open post, event, post in an open, public group) of mass, publicly used social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram, etc., except for Telegram channels and chats/channels) are allowed.
4.2. Posts that are directly or indirectly aimed, including by part of their text, at dragging (inviting) the audience to other channels and groups of any social networks, are prohibited. Announcements with links to Internet pages with texts containing these purposes are also prohibited.
4.3. Links and calls for participation in polls, voting, fundraising are prohibited.
4.4. It’s prohibited in any form to advertise (informing about activities), including indirectly, of any political formations, parties, movements, socio-political organizations or their activity.
4.5. Requests on personal everyday topics: individual requests for transportation of something while traveling, rent/lease of apartments/flats, minor everyday problems, other problems solved by searching on Internet and paying for services in small amounts, etc., especially inappropriate the above directions are not welcome, can be deleted. At the same time, even small inquiries for corporate needs (inquiries for the needs of companies, business associated with a channel member) are welcome.
4.6. It’s prohibited to directly sell or offer certain goods, works and services, advertise and promote low-cost service packages (solutions), as well as involve group members in referral programs, multi-level marketing and sales programs (as ordinary participants).
4.7. It’s prohibited requests directed or suggesting involvement of group participants in illegal or violating corporate norms of action, bypassing the norms of organizations in which participants work/may work.
4.8. Reposting announcements, that match the format’s nature and all its rules, from other sites is supported. Removal of a reposted announcement by admins is possible only by personal request (in a personal) of the author of the post (if the posted ad does not violate the rules).