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A.Life Roadmap 2023

A.Life roadmap 2023

1. Present and future

1.1. Current state (beginning of 2023)

  • Current reach of 15k individual partakers.
  • Strengthened internationality (global diversity).
  • Channels optimized, focus on providing quality information.
  • Taken focus on Web3.

1.2. Yearly aim

  • Abandonment of outmoded Web2 platforms in favor of ones obviously associated with Web3.
  • Strengthening the unity of all channels and platforms of the ecosystem.
  • Increase reach to 30k active partakers (from more than 40 countries of all continents).
  • Increase volume and quality of bases and newletters.
  • Web3 test projects’ launch on different blockchains.

1.3. Launch/improvement/transformation of new/current tools

  • AAA FB to become for informational purposes only.
  • Web3 test projects.
  • Optimize Discord forum and Telegram’s tools.
  • International newsletters.
  • Guidelines.

2. Quarterly tasks

Web3 concept update.
– Optimizing rules for Discord/Telegram places/channels.
– Update rules for partnering with internal (AAA) ventures and teams.
– Newsletters (3 per quarter).
– Upgrading rules and criteria for a website publication(s).

– Statements for Web3 test projects.
– Increase international diversity of A.Life up to 60%.
– Transfer of AAA FB to the informational format, closing discussion/announcement one.
– Updated framework for external partnerships.

– Updated formats for incentivised interactions in Web3.
– New disccusion on DAO goverance model (including “vote escrow” component).
– Unified FAQ and Statements chapters.
– Final tests for all token (sub)systems (CUBE, DEAL, DXN) on 2-3 different blockchains.

– Framework for international guidelines on community development
– Draft proposal for Metaverse.

A.Life about: https://a8.life/about
A.Life Web3: https://a8.life/web3