Advancements in entrepreneurship, stewardship, economics, commerce

About A.Life


A.Life is an international platform enables people to explore and develop their business leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. The author’s information project that collects stories and advancements of A.People. Achievements in entrepreneurship, steardship, economics, commerce.

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The site’s structure.

Chapter, module Name Descriptions
MODA Descriptions, «whitepaper» modamoda
MEET Meetings, conferences, seminars modameet
BIZ Business: organizations, projects, initiatives modabiz
FIN Finance, investments modafin
BOOX Books modaboox
GOOD Charity, organizations and projects [modagood]
SOCIO Social and creative organizations, projects, initiatives modasocio
COMM Communities, associations [modacomm]

Descriptions are in process.

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