Advancements In Entrepreneurship, Stewardship, Economics, Commerce

About A.Life


A.Life is an international platform that enables people to explore and develop their business leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. The author’s information project that:

  • collects stories and advancements of A.People, associates in entrepreneurship, stewardship (business governance), economics, commerce; and
  • supports the communities and its external partners through independent, stand-alone servicing ecosystem.

  • Articles, presentations, interviews, videos (should be in English or at least has embedded English transripts) and text, proposals for publications can be sent to “Contacts”.

    The site’s structure.

    Chapter, module Name and/or description
    START About A.Life, description, map of the site
    EVO • History, evolution of A.Life
    CONTACT • Project team, channels and contact details
    ROAD • Annual roadmap
    PULSE Guide on making publications
    GROWTH • Augmented growth projects
    ABA • AIESEC Business Alumni
    NEXUS Business matters and relations
    BIZ • Business: organizations, projects, initiatives
    FIN • Finance, investments (organizations, projects)
    COMM • Communities, associations
    SENSE Social matters and relations
    GOOD • Charity, organizations and projects
    SOCIO • Social and creative organizations, projects, initiatives
    WEB3 WebGrowth: Web3 Ecosystem
    CUBE • Openweb incubator
    DXN • Directors eXchange Network
    DEAL • Investment deal flow network
    TRANSLATION Translation support

    If you find an error on the site, please send information about it to “Contacts”.