Advancements In Entrepreneurship, Stewardship, Economics, Commerce

About A.Life


A.Life is an international platform that enables people to explore and develop their business leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. The author’s information project that collects stories and advancements of A.People, associates in entrepreneurship, stewardship (business governance), economics, commerce.

Speeches, presentations, interviews, videos and text, event facts, proposals for publications can be sent to info@a8.life.

The site’s structure.

Chapter, module Name and/or description
START About A.Life, description, map of the site
EVO • History, evolution of A.Life
CONTACT • Project team, channels and contact details
PULSE Network and people life
MEET • Meetings, conferences, seminars
BOOX • Books
NEXUS Business matters and relations
BIZ • Business: organizations, projects, initiatives
FIN • Finance, investments (organisations, projects)
COMM • Communities, associations
SENSE Social matters and relations
GOOD • Charity, organizations and projects
SOCIO • Social and creative organizations, projects, initiatives
GROWTH Augmented growth projects
ABA • AIESEC Business Alumni
DXN • Directors eXchange Network
DEALS • Investment deal flow network
TRANSLATION Translation support

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