1. Present and future

1.1. Current state (beginning of 2022)

  • Current reach of 10k individual partakers.
  • On a way to become international (40% are from Russia).
  • The website’s structural pages are partly translated into English.
  • Taken focus on business theme.

1.2. Yearly aim

  • Transformation from Web1-2 towards Web3.
  • Integration of A.Life, AAA Facebook, ABA Telegram into one ecosystem.
  • Increase reach to 25k active partakers (80% are countries other than Russia).
  • Become international (coverage, language of communications, geography of announcements).
  • Web3 launch.
  • Go all the way to the business theme.

1.3. Launch/improvement/transformation of new/current tools

  • AAA FB to become international, business focused announcement board.
  • Web3 activity token systems.
  • Stand-alone forum.
  • International newsletters.
  • Integration of different communication tools with each other and with the new tools.

2. Quarterly tasks

Q1 2022:
– Draft Web3 concept.
– iTest launch of Web3 activity tokens. *
– Translation of the website’s pages to English. *
– Сombining and optimizing rules of AAA FB / ABA TM.
– Draft rules for partnering with internal (AAA) ventures and teams.
– Statements for Director eXchange Network (DXN) program.
– Upgrading criteria for a website post.

Q2 2022:
– Newsletters (3 per quarter).
– Launch of general news for A.Life, integration with the newsletters.
– Technical launch of the forum platform (stand-alone bulletin board). *
– Development of statements (papers) for Deal Flow network.
– Development of statements (papers) for Cube project.
– Increase integration with the token systems.
– Transfer of AAA FB to the announcement model.

Q3 2022:
– Final rules for partnering with internal (AAA) ventures and teams.
– Draft formats for incentivised interactions in Web3.
– Framework for external partnerships.
– Newsletters (4 per quarter).
– Final formats for incentivised interactions in Web3.
– Stand-alone, customized DEX (decentralized exchange) window for tokens.
– Final statemens for all token (sub)systems (CUBE, DEAL, DXN), mutually integrated.

Q4 2022:
– Unified FAQ and Statements chapters.
– Entire integration of all domains of the ecosystem.
– Draft proposal for DAO governance.
– Launch of discussion on DAO governance.

A.Life about: https://a8.life/about
A.Life Web3: https://a8.life/web3